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From its location just one mile south of Tonica, IL, Dauber Company, Inc. (DCI) is North America's largest processor of metallurgical silicon carbide (SiC).  DCI is a family owned and managed business that was incorporated in 1986 and began SiC production in September 1987.

DCI, using state-of-the-art equipment and processes, is the industry's leader in the production of SiC briquettes and grain.  Although others in the US produce SiC briquettes, the Dauber organization remains unique amongst a group of undistinguishable companies.  For example, after producing briquettes for nearly 20 years, SiC remains the only briquetted product line at the plant.  The uptime efficiencies realized by this reality are significant.  In addition, the production of one product line leads to an amazingly well controlled process.

Since the inception of the briquette plant, DCI has added SiC grain for coreless furnace melting.  Significant capital investments and a commitment to total value have enabled DCI to become one of the world's largest processors of SiC metallurgical grain.

Just as one quality SiC briquette cannot serve the needs of all cupola foundries, one SiC grain product cannot be expected to deliver maximum benefit to every customer.  Besides offering SiC briquettes that range in chemistries from 75% SiC down to 25%, and with varying amounts of carbon, DCI has several unique brands of SiC grain products.

The history of Dauber has been one of innovation.  The owners have an innate ability to adapt to change and improve on what at first appears to be technologically and mechanically unassailable.  Most importantly, no other company in this field has been able to manifest their extraordinary ability to combine total value for customers with world-class competitive prices.  As the next generation of the Dauber family contributes their talent and energy to the SiC business, customers can continue to expect the very best in total value.